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Levante U.D. - Hannover 96

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Similarities between Levante U.D. and Hannover96

In fact, our two clubs are quite similar: humble, with great tradition and suffering, and with their most successful seasons occurring in recent years.

- Hannover 96, founded in 1896, and the Levant, founded in 1909, can claim to be among the oldest clubs in their respective countries.
- Both clubs got their first big successes in almost the same year and during the two wars in their countries: Levante winning the Cup of the Republic in 1937 during the Civil War and Germany's Hannover 96 crowned champion for the first time in 1938 when his country invaded to Austria. Hannover did not repeat as champion until 1954.
When the Bundesliga first formed, the proposal of Hannover 96 was rejected and Hannover 96 was not included in the initial format. Exactly the same thing happened to Levante when the Spanish League was formed after the Spanish Civil War.
- Both promoted to the first division for the first time in their respective countries about the same year: the Levante in 1963 and Hanover in 1964.
- Like Levante, Hannover has spent many years in the lower leagues of Germany.
- Except for a "Cup Winners Cup" in 1992 ", Hannover 96 played in its first European competition last year in the 2011-12 season, precisely in the Europa League. They reached the quarterfinals. Levante inaugurates its European history book only a year later than Hannover 96 in the current season by competing in the same competition, the Europa League.
- With two national achievements and no league championship since the forming of the Bundesliga, Hannover can not wear a star above its shield on its shirt per German league rules, something that 24 other clubs in Germany can boast of doing, more proof that Hanover is among the humble clubs in Germany, despite having great success in recent years.

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