“I would never become a Levante Fan”

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“I would never become a Levante Fan”

Notapor GranotaDean » Lun Feb 27, 2012 12:31 am


‘Nunca me haría socio del Levante’ (I would never become a Levante fan)

- Catalunya Radio during Espanyol-Levante this Saturday evening

Somehow, I was not even the least bit offended by this insult directed towards us, Levante supporters, in the waning seconds of Levante’s epic, last-minute 1-2 triumph in Cornellà-El Prat over RCD Espanyol. Somehow, when my godfather relayed the message to me, it seemed natural, to be expected, and not just because of the bitterness that comes with a last minute defeat. Somehow, that statement ratifies part of what being a Levante supporter is all about: suffering. What Levante players do, might look easy, maybe for some even accidental. Allow me to persuade you otherwise. Allow me to paint our point of view, as best I can...

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